Active School

active_schoolThe Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community by awarding them with the Active School Flag (ASF). Our school has registered for the process which requires us to review our current provision and to plan, implement and monitor improvements across a number of areas under the following broad headings- P.E., physical activity throughout the school day, partnerships and Active School Week.

The flag is a whole-school initiative so parental involvement is an essential aspect. We are in the process of forming a committee, and in addition to this we have a body of parent volunteers to call on for help with various activities on an ongoing basis. We will post regular updates under this tab on the school website, and we have set up a notice-board in the foyer to display information about relevant and topical events and activities. Ideas for new activities are very welcome and we have a suggestion box under the Active School Flag notice-board in the School. Alternatively parents may use our online suggestion box here.

There is no time limit within which we have to implement improvements and we already comply with most of the requirements for the ASF. The goal is that all members of the school community work together to promote the importance and benefits of physical activity as part of daily school life. With this in mind we have introduced the following initiatives-

• The staff aim to let the boys out to play in the yard as much as possible, but on days when bad weather prevents outdoor play, all teachers will include a fun physical workout in the classroom.

• All classes will take ‘Brain Breaks’ on a regular basis- ie a 5-minute sessions of fun physical activities which can take place in a classroom setting (as a transition between subjects for example). We are compiling a list of resources and websites suitable for use as Brain Breaks.

• The 2 classes that win ‘Line of the Week’ will get a reward of 10 minutes playtime in the yard on their own at a time decided by their teachers.

We were delighted with the huge parental support for our Hallowe’en Parade which was a very enjoyable and memorable event for all involved.

More information on the initiative can be found here:

Ideas for new activities to compliment our Active School Flag initiative are very welcome. Please submit your suggestions via email to :