Specific activities and plans for 2022-2023 can be found here. 

What We Do…

We aim to achieve our goals by promoting and managing projects that meet the following criteria –

• Providing support for major school events e.g. first confessions, graduation, Christmas concerts

• Fundraising for supplementary activities to improve the school environment or support extracurricular experiences for the children. The annual Table Quiz is currently our main fund raising event.

• Harness specific expertise within the parent body to support the Principal, Teachers and Board of Management if required for particular one-off projects aimed at improving the boys’ educational experience (e.g. website design and management, ‘Show and Tell’, gardening & painting murals).

• Providing advice/input or support to the Principal as appropriate on areas, issues or policies relevant to school/home interfaces (e.g. Homework, Antibullying, Health Eating, Safety at School Gate).

• Facilitate the development of the ‘greater school community’ through the coordination of informal social events and promoting opportunities for children and parents to become acquainted through informal evenings and day time activities organized by fellow parents (e.g. class list coordination).

• Co-ordinate and encourage the provision of information and support for parents of new pupils (e.g. ‘New Parents Information Evening’ and ‘Welcome Reception’). Facilitate the training and development of parents in the areas of parenting and/or education e.g. Key Speaker/Information Evenings.

• Work in cooperation with the Senior Boys’ Parents Association to maximize synergies and support across the activities of both associations.

What We Don’t Do…

We don’t have any involvement in matters which aren’t relevant to all of the boys, so we don’t get involved in individual student or staff related concerns. That’s one for the teacher or the Principal.