Physical Activity

PhysicalactivityWe aim to maximise all opportunities for physical activity at school. The boys get out to play in the yard as much as possible, but on days when bad weather prevents outdoor play, all teachers include fun physical ‘Brain Breaks’ in the classroom. Staff regularly  use physical activity as a reward (eg the two classes that win ‘line of the week’ get 10 minutes of extra play in the yard on their own). In the past we have had morning ‘bootcamps’ at 8.45 am to wake us all up, and we plan to introduce these every Friday starting on 1st Dec. Our most recent Active Event was the Hallowe’en Parade and Monster Mash dance which was very successful. Our parent volunteers play a very important role in ensuring that such events run smoothly and safely for all involved.

See our Physical Activity submenu to keep up to date with all our activities.