Active School Week.



Active School Week takes place this week with all classes engaging in some form of physical activity each day. The emphasis is very much on participation and fun rather than on competition.

The activities include co-operative games, parachute play, obstacle courses, football in the park and nature walks. We are delighted to have the expertise of Ms Conry who is taking all classes for a hip-hop dance session.

The Senior Infant tour consists of a hike to St. Anne’s Park where the teachers will have the help of two student teachers, Mark Staunton and Ronan O’Flaherty to play games with the boys.

During Active School Week some classes will be learning about ‘Games from the past’ as part of history, so you may like to talk to your child about the kind of games you played in your own childhood.

All classes prepare a dance which is performed for the rest of the school at our annual dance display, an event which has proved very successful  in the past.

The teachers too get their share of physical activity during the teachers’ basketball match, which is much enjoyed by the spectating pupils!