Belgrove’s got even more talent!

Last Wednesday  week, May 31st we celebrated our annual Arts Day in the School. We had an array of hard-working face painters in action and the Arts Day Committee under the wise and enthusiastic guidance of Mrs. Breen had sourced clay so that the ceramic artists could work with each class group on getting their pieces of ceramic art ready. No doubt these pieces have pride of place in each home at this stage.

A new element which was introduced last year was a segment entitled ‘Belgrove’s Got Talent’. After the hugely successful launch last year, we were eagerly anticipating a showcase of amazing talents.

By way of background, in 1983 an American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence-


  1. Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”)


  1. Musical Intelligence (“Musical Smart”)


  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)


  1. Existential Intelligence


  1. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)


  1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart)


  1. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)


  1. Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart”)


  1. Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”)


Our Belgrove’s Got Talent show on Arts Day saw boys- and staff- show talents from each of these domains!

Mrs. Breen acted as MC and made sure we had a rich variety in the running order!

  • We had Tadgh from 2nd class play a beautiful piece of music on his violin- he told us he has only been learning for 6 months!
  • A group of boys from Room 4 regaled us with jokes and a poem and sang ‘Rock me momma like a wagon wheel!’
  • Kris, our caretaker, who has been playing the piano accordion since he was in 5th class played some lovely polkas for us.
  • Calvagh from senior infants told us some very funny jokes.
  • Boys from Room 10 did a magic trick involving cutting a boy in 2……. Safety Statement was read through quickly and ambulances were on standby!
  • Charlie from 2nd class danced a hornpipe for us- and he only started lessons 5 months ago. Will he remember that it started here when he is the new Michael Flatley?
  • Then Henry from senior infants performed some amazing soccer skills. His demonstration was followed by Conor from the same class who read from and used a visualizer to show us his short illustrated novel ‘Conor and the Gruffalo’.
  • There followed a nostalgia trip commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper involving a partial rendition ( cw visual aids) of When I’m 64
  • Back on track with the pupils and a group of boys from Room 1 performed the Macarena.
  • Then we had Joe, Ruadhán and Harry from 1st class give us a rousing rendition of ‘Shut up and Dance with Me!’
  • Harvey conducted the boys from Room 11who played recorders and gave us a stirring rendition of ‘Ireland’s Call’. Perhaps the Lions will consider adopting it for their New Zealand tour……..
  • They also played the tune from The Sunday Game. This may well be because Donegal may not be providing any pictures for the programme this year…
  • Tracey from our staff played a beautiful piece on her clarinet. It was her first recital after 30 years- and it was truly beautiful.
  • From Room 2 we had Hector who played Hot Cross Buns for us on the tin whistle- and he has only recently taken up the instrument!
  • Then we moved to the bodily- kinaesthetic realm- and Dan from senior infants demonstrated a pattern from Taekwan Do.
  • After Dan we had the entire class from room 7 who performed ‘these are the days when we won’t grow old’ for us.
  • Next a piano duet from Benedict and Conor who played a waltz for us with impeccable timing.
  • Robert and friends from 2nd class performed a cover of an Ed Sheeran song called ‘The shape of you’!
  • Our final item was an interpretive piece involving Weston, Adam, Ethan and Patrick from junior infants. Each of the boys gave a different interpretation of the Bruno Mars classic ‘Uptown Funk’.


Well done to all for a truly magical interlude and what was the highlight of Arts Day!