Building Bulletin – 21st August 2011

The summer has been very busy for the building team, with lots of progress achieved.  If you have passed by the schools in recent weeks you will have seen the new block really taking shape at the corner of Seafield Road and Vernon Court.  Inside, the SBS staff room has been reoriented, new steel reinforcements have been introduced, the JBS corridor has been cleared with new flooring in the classrooms too, the roof has been improved and the two JBS rooms which will continue as classrooms when the project is finished have been extended.

As we write (and is always the case with building work) there are still challenges to be overcome before school resumes.  For September and October the access and egress arrangements which we used before the break will continue.  The SBS yard is smaller, due to the relocation of a prefab, but we are in discussions with the GAA club and the SGS regarding extra time on the astro.  We thank them both for helping us get more space for the boys.

John will contact JBS parents shortly to ask for help in moving back furniture and equipment.  Please help if you can.  We will give you a more detailed update probably in early October (in anticipation of when the new block is ready for occupation and outlining the impact on both schools of the next phase of work which will last until next Summer).