Building Bulletin – 24th June 2011


24th June 2011

 As we near the end of another school year, we wanted to update you on progress, let you know of particular needs in the JBS area in the coming week and also give you some idea of what you will find if your son is returning to Belgrove in September.  If your son is going on to secondary school or elsewhere, can we take this opportunity to wish him well and thank you for your support.

 When the project started, the builder indicated the new block which is being constructed at the Vernon Court corner would be completed in October.  Midland has tried to bring the programme forward for an end of August completion, but this has not been feasible.  Therefore, in September you will see an impressive two storey building on the Vernon Court corner and this will be ready for occupation in mid to late October.  10 SBS classes will be moving into that building and we will be calling for a big meitheal of parents to help in that move.

 During the summer break, Midland will be carrying out extensive refurbishment works in the central JBS corridor.  Midland will also be extending the two rooms in that corridor which will continue to be classrooms when the entire project is finished.  The refurbishment work includes removing floor material which contains asbestos.  We need help moving furniture next week as we want to completely clear relevant areas and John will be sending a text to JBS parents with a schedule of how this will take place.

 The programme for the works during the summer break was finalized last week.  The schools team is engaging with Midland on the details of the next phase (after completion of the first new block).   The discussions will continue in July and August.  Under the Department of Finance mandated contract, Midland has the final say in how the project is carried out.  Thus far we have found Midland to be understanding of the needs of the schools.  The Managing Director of Midland visited the site on Wednesday evening and met with the two Chairpersons.  We had previously met Damien at the start of the project. We look forward to this spirit of cooperative effort continuing.

We would like to thank you once again for your understanding and support to the staff during this project.  As the old Irish saying goes, a good start is half the battle.  We will give our next update in September.  Enjoy the summer.

Kevin Hoy    Tim O’Mahony         Frankie Byrne         John O’Sullivan