Chicks and Ducklings in Belgrove JBS!

Like previous years in Belgrove JBS, we had some special visitors for a few weeks in April and May. We had both chick and duckling eggs. An incubator was placed in Mrs. Browne’s room, where they carefully looked after the eggs. After about two weeks the chick eggs started to hatch and the hatching of the duck eggs shortly followed. The chicks and ducks were watered, fed and their cages were cleaned by Mr. Harvey and our caretaker Kris. The junior and senior infants spent these few weeks learning about chicks and ducklings respectively. They both looked at the life cycle and body parts of each of these animals.

Mr. Harvey put on a few ‘Duck Swims’ for the whole school, where we were able to watch the ducks swimming in a pool of water! The boys had great fun watching the ducklings paddle with their little webbed feet. The ducklings were curious creatures and even waddled over to a few of the students. Some were lucky enough to give them a pet or hold a duckling in their hand.

Have a look at the pictures below.