Corona Virus – A Book for Children

coronavirusDear parents,

I hope everyone is as well as they can be. It is hard to believe that it is just over 6 weeks since we have had the boys with us in school. During that time, members of our school community have lost friends and close relatives. The current phase of restrictions is not easy on anyone and trying to maintain a sense of normality is difficult, moreover when the tangibility of school, classmates and teacher is for now at least denied to the boys. Similarly, the children are denied the wisdom of grandparents who could ‘steady the ship’ and remind everyone that ‘we were through worse before and survived it!’.

There is an endless flow of news on the virus and thankfully some of that news is getting better. But there are features of the reportage which inevitably are unpleasant. Young children have listening ears- as we all did when we were their age- and are very attuned and sensitive to news reports.

I am sure many of you have been fielding questions on viruses, cocooning, illness, death and for some time now. One of the teachers in the school sent me this book which I think might be a great help in answering questions and allaying some fears your children may be feeling or voicing. I recommend it as a resource to which you might return when new questions are asked.

Wishing everyone health and serenity during this difficult time,