Maths Week 2021

 We had great fun during Maths week this year in Belgrove JBS.  Every morning Mr. Harvey posed a math question to each class level. The boys had great fun working together to try and solve the question.  A Maths trail was set up in the school, each class got the chance to walk around the school and participate in this activity. If you look at the pictures below you will see some of the amazing door displays created by the teachers.  The students completed a tour of the school where they got to answer the questions on each door display.  Who ever said Maths couldn’t be fun!

IMG_20211022_115916 IMG_20211022_115911 IMG_20211022_115849 IMG_20211022_115827 IMG_20211022_115758 IMG_20211022_115749 IMG_20211022_115653 IMG_20211022_115646 IMG_20211022_115633 IMG_20211022_115609