Some new visitors to Belgrove JBS!

Here at Belgrove JBS we received some chicken eggs and duck eggs just before Easter. We kept them in an incubator to make sure they were nice and cosy during their stay in room 14. When we all arrived back after Easter we were shocked to see that one chick had hatched 3 days earlier than expected! A few days later, 4 more chicks hatched from their eggs. Eventually, all the chicks were placed into a cage were they had water and food. They love cuddling up under the warm lamp.

Once the chicks were well settled into the school, our attention turned to the duck eggs. It took a couple of days after the chicks had hatched before the ducklings decided to make any cracks in their eggs. We were delighted when we saw that two of the ducklings had hatched from their eggs. After a few more hours in the incubator, they were placed into their own cage, with food and water, just like the chicks were.

The boys got the opportunity to visit the incubator when the chicks and ducklings were still in their eggs. They also get to visit the cages were the ducklings and chicks are kept. The teachers sometimes pick the chicks and ducklings out of the cage and let the boys feel their fluffy feathers.

We recently had a ‘Duckling Swim’ in the school yard.  All the classes gathered outside and watched the ducklings have a little swim and a run around the yard. It was such fun and we hope to do a few more of them in the coming week.

Have a look at some pictures and videos below!



Ducklings Swim Ducklings Swim Ducklings Swim