Where the money goes…….

As we approach our busiest and most enjoyable time of the year, I would like to outline some recent events which have taken place in our school. The staff here consider these events a distinguishing and enriching feature of the school. I draw attention to these today as these events and visits are paid for out of the monies raised by our annual table quiz. The quiz committee have already met and activity is ramping up in preparation for the quiz itself on February 1st.

Graffiti Classics 

Cathal and his 4-piece ensemble called to us for 2 shows on the 19th of November. As always, the boys really enjoyed how the group made the world of classical music real and accessible to them. The performances were energetic and feedback from boys and teachers was excellent.

Old King Cole

West Midlands Theatre company performed 2 shows on 26th November telling us the story of Old King Cole. Again, the boys really enjoyed the performances and feedback was very good.

Big Bear Planetarium

During Science Week, Ms. O’ Keefe organised for this installation to visit our school and boys were brought in groups to experience the wonder of our solar system in a large dome. This was really exciting and the whole experience was very memorable.


These events are among a variety of enriching experiences which we can offer the pupils here due to the funds we gather from our table quiz.