Active Archie’s Adventures

Archie Active 001Active Archie has arrived in Belgrove and visited all classes to say hello. His home will be on a shelf above the Active School notice-board in the foyer. As his name suggests, he likes getting lots of exercise and he really enjoys trying new activities.

We would like to invite boys and their families to bring Active Archie along with them if they are doing some kind of physical activity, or going to a sporting event as either participants or spectators. It would be great if the boys could bring back a picture or photo, and a description (one line is plenty!) of where they brought Active Archie. We hope to compile an album of ‘Active Archie’s Adventures’ which will be left beside him in the foyer.

If you would like to take Active Archie somewhere please let us know in advance so we can ‘book him in’. We will leave a book attached to the Active School noticeboard for this purpose, so feel free to come in (or e-mail You can then sign him out from Ms. Martin’s room, with an adult at home-time on the day of your adventure and sign him back in at 8:50 the following morning. Hopefully Active Archie will get to do lots of fun activities with the boys and their families.