Building Bulletin 23rd April 2012


23rd April 2012

We are in the final quarter of the Joint Building Programme and wish to report on significant progress and alert you to upcoming plans and how these may impact the School and its work.


Each milestone reached may involve a call to arms to assist with moving materials and furniture.  We hope that we can, once again, rely on your generosity and community spirit as we near the end of this exciting development!


Recent Progress

During the Easter break 8 rooms, compromising resource and administration areas in the Senior Boys School, were completely refurbished. This has resulted in movement of the Senior School Principal and Secretary into their permanent home in the new Senior School block, some movement in resource rooms for both schools and the sharing of the Senior Boys staff room by the staff of both schools.

Please see Building Bulletin 6 (PDF) for map

Next Milestone (On or around the 29th May)

The Senior School Main Block will be completed and ready for use. Therefore:

  • Senior Boys’ classes which are currently located in the Junior School Corridor will leave this area for their new classrooms in the Senior School block.
  • The shaded dark grey on the school plan (see overleaf)’ becomes ‘out of bounds’ for the schools while Midland completes key works in this area during June.
  • The only access into the schools will be as marked in the school plan (see overleaf).
  • JBS Principal’s Office will move to a temporary location (to be defined)
  • School materials which have been stored in the Stage area will need to move to an alternative location within the JBS School.
  • There will be no change to the Junior or Senior School Drop-off or Pick up arrangements.
  • The coordination of current yard times and locations for both Junior and Senior Schools will continue to the end of the academic year.


Milestone (On, or around the last day of term)

The area shaded above in ‘light grey’ will be handed back to the School by Midland. Therefore:

  • Mrs Duffy and Ms. McKeague’s classrooms will move to their new locations.
  • Contents of the Junior School Resource Rooms currently beside Mrs Duffy’s classroom to be moved to new Resource Rooms at the other end (shaded) of the corridor, as outlined above.
  • Summer works will include the conversion of the old JBS staffroom, JBS Principal’s office and ancillary space into resource rooms.  Upon project completion in September 2012 each school will have 5 resource rooms.
  • Additional summer works will include the development of new JBS Principal and School Secretary Office Areas along the ‘unshaded’ corridor area and the reinstatement of the Senior School playground. The handover of these works will represent a final key milestone to be coordinated between the Schools and Midland.



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Download Building Bulletin 6 (PDF)