School Improvement Plan

Crest_webSchool Improvement Plan
Evaluation period: September 2013 to June 2014
Plan issue date: June 2014

As part of our ongoing work in the School, we conducted a school self-evaluation of teaching and learning this year, focussing on numeracy (understanding and using Mathematics). For more information on how the evaluation took place, please see our School Self-Evaluation Report which is available on the school website. This 2014 School Improvement Plan will be available to the school community on the school website. An e-copy will be forwarded to our school inspector, and a copy will be sent to our Parents’ Association. The Board of Management formally adopted the report at it’s meeting of 11th of June 2014. This school improvement plan sets out the actions that we will undertake in the School over the next three years. The main purpose of these actions is to improve our pupils’ learning.

You can download the School Improvement Plan here