Welcome back !

Welcome back to all as we begin a new term and a new calendar year. I think by Monday last, almost all members of the school community were happy to get back into a structure and routine.

A few points for the next few weeks

  • Parent teacher meetings are to be held for junior infants and 1st classes on 28th and 30th January. This year, we are piloting a booking app called Booking Hawk. This will streamline  timetabling of the meetings and we will be in touch about what next steps to take.
  • On 21st of January, M & M Theatrical Productions will visit us with a performance of Beauty and the Beast.
  • I know Santa was VERY generous to all the boys and girls (and hopefully moms and dads too!). Any device capable of taking photographs, videos or recordings of any kind should not brought to school.
  • Some parents have been asking about holiday arrangements 2020-2021(!). We await a circular from DES on this and as soon as we get the go-ahead, we will organise and communicate the arrangements to you.
  • Finally, we are making a very big effort to do what we can for sustainability and to ensure the planet has a friend in us as a school. We are asking each boy to bring a small hand-cloth in a plastic bag for hand-drying as we attempt to phase out paper towels in toilets.